Terra Santa College Amman

     In 1948 the Arab-Israeli conflict broke out, hence the disturbance of security, which led to a disruption of tuition in Terra Santa – Jerusalem, the friars didn’t hesitate to move to the East Bank of Jordan. They headed towards the capital, Amman, to establish another branch for Terra Santa, motivated by the great concern about their children in order to avoid losing an academic year. Thus, they rented  a building in Jabel Amman owned by Mr. Tawfiq Marar, which is currently occupied by the Indian Embassy, starting their teaching mission in the year 1948 – 1949. This institution served the secondary level only.

     That same year, The Franciscan Friars purchased a piece of land in Jabel Al Weibdeh, on which they established Terra Santa College of Amman.

     In 1949 – 1950 the college started receiving its students in the new building. Thus, Terra Santa – Amman, became a natural extension of the mother school. Terra Santa of Jerusalem, and now, after 67 years, Terra Santa – Amman has become a fountain of science and knowledge in Jordan and one of the most remarkable educational and scientific institutions, thus graduating a number of leaders in Jordan.

     Terra Santa has contributed significantly to developing education in this country and that represented a great challenge among the other flourishing institutions in number and quality. In the 1960’s the first and second floors on the eastern side were added to accommodate the increasing number of students. Then, in the 1980’s the church was built. In the year 1992 – 1993 the kindergarten sections were established followed by Terra Santa cultural center, in 1998, which was the outcome of a kind gesture of the Franciscan Custody in Jerusalem to our college in Amman on the occasion of its Golden Jubilee.

     In 2011 the Terra Santa College sports center was inaugurated. It includes an indoor hall for the sports in addition to outdoor play grounds.     

     The spirit which enveloped the work of the Franciscan friars, characterized by sacrifice and generousity has always motivated us to sustain the message we adopted in all Terra Santa schools, that is building an outstanding person in terms of values, knowledge, faith in God and in their allegiance to their country.

     This required the development of all aspects of the process of education, in addition to renovating the facilities of the college to keep pace with modern requirements.

     For over a decade, the administration has been working on developing the academic programmes, implementing modern measures in education, introducing technology, developing teachers through training courses, improving the school’s facilities through continuous maintenance and renovation of all its sections by providing the essential facilities equipped with the most modern technology that help our students achieve academic excellence.

      This, in addition to the enormous, varied number of  extracurricular activities, such as sports, music, drama, scouting, exhibitions, scientific competitions, and events that celebrate various occasions and religious festivals in addition to country ceremonies.

     Moreover, our college has implemented diverse programmes such as voluntary work, the national health accreditation programme and others which aim at developing a humanitarian and spiritual sensibility among our students which ensures openness to other cultures, and a stronger belief in the values of cooperation, solidarity, brotherhood, and love amongst mankind.

     Nowadays, among more than 600 private schools in Amman, our college is exerting the utmost efforts, supported by the custody of the Holy Land and in cooperation with the whole team of our school, to establish within the proper vision the best reputation in our society, in addition to a construction of the new building in order to reinvigerate the International educational programme ( I.G.C.S.E ), and offering a distinctive service to our students based on belief that human being is a unique valuable asset. We are proud to serve this mission based on the Christian- Franciscan spirit.