Terra Sancta College Clinic is a cozy place where students can find assistance and comfort all the time.

Our goal is best medical help to students in case of emergency.

Our values are care and compassion, protection through prevention and provision of first-class medical support.


Our clinic provides:

1- First Aid in case of minor and major emergency.

2- Primary Care Medicine  for   restriction of infectious disease, prevention, growth rate record, follow up and attention to students with special needs.

3- Free Vaccination for students in cooperation with the Ministry of  Health and Ministry of Education and according to WHO schedule.

4- School hygiene supervision and medical records for students.

     In fact, the clinic plays an important role in the implementation of the Royal Health Awareness Society Program through organizing conferences to educate students as well as parents. Moreover, it organizes Free Medicine Day, which is an impressive social event in cooperation with hospitals to encourage school interaction with the local community. This event also provides free medical assistance to the needy and   gives the students and all the school staff a chance to serve their local community and make a difference in the society they live in.


     Finally, we confirm that our role is to keep our students happy and healthy in order to enable them to enjoy their learning experience at Terra Santa College.