Admission Procedures



1.    Fill in the registration form accompanied by:

a.     A copy of the school certificates for the last two years.

b.    A copy of the family book.

2.    After submitting the registration form, a date will be specified for the entrance exam in three subjects: Arabic Language, English Language and Mathematics. The student must get at least 70% in each of the above mentioned subjects in order to have a personal interview.

3.    After getting 70%, the student and his/her parents will have a personal interview with the administration.

4.    When the student passes both the exam and the interview, he or she will be admitted and will get the school instructions for the new scholastic year.

5.    The registration fee for the new student is JD100. It is paid for booking a seat at school and is excluded from the school tuition fees.


Note: Due to the co-educational system at school, all applicants who have sisters must register their sisters with them after doing the previous procedures.


Documents required for KG and First Grade students:-

1)   A photo.

2)   A copy of a birth certificate.

3)   A copy of a family book.

4)   An immunization certificate.

5)   A baptism certificate for Christians.


Students admitted from other schools:-

1)      Student’s file, school certificates for the last two scholastic years & a behavior certificate.

2)      A copy of residency for non-Jordanians.

3)      A clearance certificate from the previous school.



1)    Submitting the registration form does not necessarily mean admitting the student at school.

2)    Registration fees are nonrefundable and are excluded from the school tuition fees.


School tuition fees payment procedures:-

1)    Parents should pay the first tuition fee of the first semester when they buy the school books and before the new scholastic year begins. (The paying period is specified by the administration.)

2)    Concerning grade 12 and KG2 students, parents should pay the school tuition fees for both the first and second semesters during August.


Siblings’ Discount:-

1.    First sibling (0%)

2.    Second sibling (5%)

3.    Third sibling (10%)

4.    Fourth sibling (15%)


The discount is for the whole school tuition fees and is deducted from the second semester payment.



1.     Registration fees, activities, books, notebooks, and uniform costs are not part of school fees. They are also excluded from any discount.

2.     Fees are nonrefundable whatever the reason is.