Computer Labs



     Nowadays the world is witnessing an era of technology and rapid development in information technology, cognitive and  cultural growth and telecommunications. For this reason, the college established a computer lab in every educational stage in order to foster a generation capable of interacting with these developments. As a result, all students at Terra Santa College from Kindergarten to Grade 12 have access to the computer.


     The computer labs are fully equipped with all facilities and equipment necessary for the teaching learning process. Moreover, every lab has a projector, an interactive board, printers, scanners and a computer for every student. These computers are connected to the Internet in order to expand learning opportunities for students and provide access to thousands of  interactive learning websites, educational videos and current information.


     In fact, the computer is used in all administration departments at the college in addition to the Eduwave. It is also used in the accounting department that uses a lot of computerized accounting software. Furthermore, it is used in all teachers’ and coordinators’  rooms, the library and the bookshop.


     Every classroom is provided with a computer, an interactive board and a scanner. The college keeps up with the latest technology that serves the teaching learning process in general and students and teachers in particular.