International Programme


     We, at Terra Santa College, strive to provide our students with quality education that helps them grow into empowered human beings who work on realizing their potential by adopting a range of academic programmes designed to meet the diverse needs and talents of our students. Moreover, curricula encompass basic and advanced studies.

     Therefore, STC has adopted the International Programmes since 2016, which are balanced programmes of learning, in line with the latest research and the best global practices.

Academic programmes at the school are:

  • Cambridge Primary Grades (1-5)
  • Cambridge lower Secondary Grades (6-8)
  • Cambridge IGCSE Grades (9-10 )
  • Pearson Edexcel ( 11AS-12A2)


     The school has enriched all those educational programmes with all the needed facilities and equipment which ultimately help students understand and grasp the information, in addition to computer and science laboratories which are fully equipped with modern technology that enables students to perform the required scientific experiments and transfer theoretical knowledge into practice.




  International Programmes principal

           Mariana Kakish