Secondary Level


     The secondary stage shares the same educational strategy with the other stages at school. Its aim is to create a generation capable of understanding the current changes which completely depend on knowledge, culture, technology and character building.
     It is a transitional stage aiming to empower our students to make good choices, be successful and become contributing members of society. It also aims to get students involved in curricular and extra-curricular activities, voluntary work, accepting others, developing talents and putting students on the right track to be people of great refinement.
     In fact, our staff has been inspired by the principal of the school, Father Rashid Mistreeh, whose consistent support and vigorous follow-up create the suitable environment for teachers, guests and most importantly, our students. We should also bear in mind that our code of conduct is based on clear expectations, effective teaching of desired behavior and consistent support from all teachers.

Level Principal

Khalid Haddadeen

Ext: 125