Senior Level

     The Upper Secondary Department grades (7-9) includes two hundred and seventy-six (276) students with an age group of 13-15 years - who are teenagers. Dealing with this age group involves a great challenge in terms of academic and social conduct.

     Adolescence - a period of an obstinate challenging attitude to prove oneself- is pictured as a latent volcano - in anticipation of eruption at any moment expelling lava all around. When dealing with students at this stage, one has to pursue a relationship with certain behavioural strategy based on four basic elements namely: love, firmness, flexibility and understanding. It's is vital to highlight the parents' role in integration with the role of the school. And as a father and mother at home should have harmony in opinions, this also applies to the roles of home and school as well, in terms of dealing with children.

     This is the general strategy we implement in Terra Santa. Our concern in education is as vital as emphasizing our students conduct, both of which given equal attention and concentration. We adopt a strategy of modernization in patterns and tools incorporating high-tech devices in class in addition to practical application of knowledge and science. This has enhanced an effective educational process in our department as well as the whole school. Socially, however, we are aware of the important developing a generation that is capable of facing the difficulties of life and its requirement. Jibran said one: " Your children do not belong to you , they belong to life." Success is not a matter of achieving a certain grade at school but rather an integrated character well-equipped with science, technology, modern language, effective social interaction, flexibility in additional mutual love and acceptance form everybody around as well as independence, sound decision making and problem solving. This can be attained only by implementing a strategy of exposing our children to systematically practical experience through social, humane and cultural activities that enforce such skills.

     We hope that we sincerely excel our educational mission stemming from spiritualism of St. Francis, always looking forward to success and excellence for our students in all walks of life.

Level Principal

Adel Alrabadi

Ext: 117