Middle Level


Dear Parents, 

       Greetings of peace and love from our new department that was established in 2016/2017 .... . 

      This section came to fulfill with love a new phase of our students' educational process, students who are full of enthusiasm, intelligence, and life. We, management and teachers, look forward to helping our students academically and educationally to achieve their highest levels of success through educational guidance and the use of latest educational methods and technological advancements. 

      We see each and every student as a special person seeking to uncover his/her potential talent to grow and flourish. Some might excel in singing , theatrical performance, or be an athlete full of excitement and joy. 

       This is our mission, with you, dear parents, to achieve the strength and determination to complete our mission in all honesty.

Level Principal

Nisreen Bqaeen

Ext: 150